"I do not ask too much of myself and others. Only 100% perfection"


Marcin Tomaszewski

I feel that I have always been involved with architecture. When I was still a small child, I used to notice garish buildings or drab, grey buildings. Even then I could imagine what could be built in their place. Architecture was written for me. I decided to stay in 艁贸d藕 for good. This city is addictive and gives unlimited possibilities to create. I have remained faithful to it even in my visual identity.

How do I design? I can’t imagine starting a project without first seeing the place where a given building is going to be constructed. That’s when I get inspired by what’s around, and thanks to that I very often already have a first sketch of a solid concept. I draw inspiration from my surroundings. I observe, listen, feel and then create. Thanks to that, I always meet the client’s expectations. In architecture, we are limited only by our imagination.

In my portfolio, there are hundreds of completed projects, mainly residential buildings, because it is these objects that are the greatest challenge and satisfaction for me when they are created. Each project by REFORM Architekt begins with the name: “RE: …” which means “responding to clients’ needs”, because my projects are what my clients need.


REFORM Architekt

REFORM Architekt studio was founded in 2010 in Lodz. I specialize in designing residential and commercial buildings such as office buildings.
The whole structure of project management and cooperation with the client is based on me. It is extremely important to me that every client has contact with me from the beginning to the end of the project along with its implementation. I understand my clients’ needs, so very often these first architectural concepts are already accepted by them. My team complements this by supporting me at subsequent stages, which is possible due to the very narrow specialisation of each person. Thanks to this, the studio runs like a well-oiled machine.

REFORM Architect is me. Each project that leaves the walls of my office is 100% what I like and what I want to sign. Clients who come to REFORM Architekt come to me. To Marcin Tomaszewski.



My professional path is connected with Lodz from the very beginning. It is where I studied and took my first steps in the profession. Today, it is where I carry out most of my residential and commercial projects.

Lodz evokes extreme emotions. It inspires me. It inspires me in every aspect – the modern one as well as the one where the walls of tenement houses still remember the golden era of the textile mills’ town. This is where you can find the best examples of industrialism in architecture. When I was creating the new identity for my studio, I wanted to focus strongly on what’s related to Lodz – its symbolism.

The unicorn. So obvious and yet so perverse. Its appearance on the map of Lodz, in its central point, caused a stir. This is where I caught the synergy with my projects. They are not clich茅d, predictable, you cannot pass by them indifferently. Today it’s a symbol not only of Lodz, but also of REFORM Architekt.